Bottle Sealing Machine (To Seal Plastic and Glass Bottles)

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Bottle Sealing Machine
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Our Hand Induction Sealing Machine seals induction seal caps from 20-80mm diameter. This induction sealer is a great investment if you are a Start-Up and looking to seal wads on Plastic and Glass Containers and Bottles. It helps for locking in the freshness of your products and prevent oxygen from entering and prevent contamination of your product.

Apply an airtight, tamper-evident seal on plastic and glass containers.

  • Recommended for light-duty packaging of food, beverage, and pharmaceutical products
  • Easy to use. Place sealing wand over the cap and press the button
  • Seals induction seal caps from 20-80mm diameter
  • Applies up to 20 seals per minute
  • The digital timer ensures accurate sealing

Terms and conditions for machines.

  1. Any complain related to new machine purchase should be informed within 3 days of delivery.
  2. If you want to claim replacement for transit damage in the machine then you will have to 
    send us the unboxing video to claim transit damage.
  3. If you are selecting to purchase the machine with warranty then the following points have to be considered...
    1. The parts which have to be replaced in the machine will be chargeable as actuals.
    2. If the engineer has to visit your site then both side transport, food and hotel have to be paid by the customer. However, we insist the majority of the problems can be solved via video call.
    3. If the machine has to be sent to us for any repairs then both side transport costs have to be paid by the customer.