Tabletop Vacuum Chamber Sealing Machine

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Tabletop Vacuum Chamber Sealing Machine
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Our compact Stainless Steel Vacuum Packaging Machine not only creates a secure seal with every use, but it does so in just a few seconds. With the digital control, it gets very easy to pack any type of laminated paper and plastic bags. The sealing width would be 8mm and the Sealing Length would be 260mm.

Long-Lasting Oil Pump: No risk of becoming overheated and no cool-down period is required

Easy to Use: Controls are designed for ultra-simple use, with arrow buttons to increase or decrease the duration of the seal or vacuum process

Quick, Secure Seal: This powerful chamber vacuum packaging machine quickly seals each bag in a couple of seconds or less and completely vacuums out the air in 20 to 40 seconds.

Stainless Steel Body: The stainless-steel body is an additional perk, as it won't corrode or rust from the accidental spill or leak.

Terms and conditions for machines.

  1. Any complain related to new machine purchase should be informed within 3 days of delivery.
  2. If you want to claim replacement for transit damage in the machine then you will have to 
    send us the unboxing video to claim transit damage.
  3. If you are selecting to purchase the machine with warranty then the following points have to be considered...
    1. The parts which have to be replaced in the machine will be chargeable as actuals.
    2. If the engineer has to visit your site then both side transport, food and hotel have to be paid by the customer. However, we insist the majority of the problems can be solved via video call.
    3. If the machine has to be sent to us for any repairs then both side transport costs have to be paid by the customer.