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Frequently Asked Questions

==> You will only be able to add the product to the cart after you select the size which is number 2 and color which is number 3 position. So after you select all the three points then add to cart button gets enabled.

==> Please enter the Pin code number correctly then only you will be able to get the shipping cost. Shipping cost button will automatically pop up after you fill up the current postcode.

==> We have used the PAYU MONEY payment gateway. Our payment gateway can accept any form of digital payments including UPI etc.

==> We do not accept international credit cards/debit cards or any type of international reward cards like american express cards etc...

==> This can happen with below problems.
a)Your Internet connection is slow
b) You browser has too much of a cache (Please delete the cache and history of your browser or you can try in incognito mode (press CTRL+SHIFT+N in Chrome Browser))
c) Your browser version is too old (Please upgrade your browser or you can use the other updated browser)

==> No, you are not able to access our online shopping website if you are using a VPN connection or you are accessing from outside of India. We have blocked uses outside india.

==> we strictly follow the B2C business model so we request not to place the orders if you are a trader or reseller, we directly deal with the end customer. If the goods are purchased by a trader or reseller then the order will be canceled and money return charges approx 2% of the invoice amount will be borne by the purchaser.

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