Heat Sealing Machine (6mm Sealing Thickness)

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Heat Sealing Machine

Our Hand Impulse Heat Sealers are available in 2 sizes: 200mm Sealing Length and 300mm Sealing Length, both have a 6mm Sealing Thickness. This sealer is a great investment for sealing several packaging bags like Stand-Up Pouches, Side Gusset Bags, Flat Bottom bags, Spout Pouches, Laminated Paper Bags, etc. It helps for locking in the freshness of your products.

With 6mm sealing thickness, our sealers help in preventing oxygen and moisture inside the bags and maximize the shelf life of your products. Other competitors only provide 1mm to 2mm sealing thickness which does not prevent oxygen from entering and contaminates your product.

Our Heat Sealers are PROUDLY MADE IN INDIA

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Please note that the machine would get delivered within 1 - 2 weeks after placing your order.

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