Mailer bags

Poly Mailer bags: These bags are lightweight, self-sealing packaging solutions designed for secure and efficient shipping. Ideal for various items, these tear-resistant and waterproof bags are a cost-effective choice for e-commerce businesses.

BUBBLE MAILER BAGS: Bubble mailer bags provide a protective and lightweight packaging solution with an added layer of cushioning for delicate items. Featuring a durable outer layer and an inner bubble wrap lining, these bags ensure secure shipping for various products.

TEMPER EVIDENT BAGS: STEB mailer bags, standing for Security Tamper-Evident Bags, are crafted to offer unmistakable signs of tampering or unauthorized access. These bags incorporate built-in security features, such as specialized seals or closures, that visually indicate any interference. Ideal for shipping sensitive documents, valuables, or confidential items, STEB mailer bags offer an additional layer of protection and assurance during transit.

PAPER MAILER BAGS: Paper mailer bags are eco-friendly packaging solutions made from durable paper materials, offering a sustainable alternative for shipping. With a lightweight and flexible design, these bags are suitable for various items and are easy to handle. Featuring a self-sealing adhesive strip, paper mailer bags provide secure closure, and their recyclable nature aligns with environmentally conscious packaging practices.

We offer two types of mailer bags: stock and custom printed options.

1) For stock mailer bags, the minimum order quantity is 100 pieces, and you can conveniently make your purchase online by clicking on the image below.

2) Within our custom printed mailer bags, we offer two distinct printing technologies.

A. Static Printing

  • Minimum order quantity is 500 pieces.
  • No cylinder or printing plate costs apply.
  • Static printing allows for ultra-short volume runs to accommodate diverse needs.

B. Flexographic Printing

  • A minimum order quantity of 20,000 pieces is required.
  • Highly economical for both low and high volume production runs.
  • Ideal for achieving high-quality HD graphic designs with exceptional speed and repeatability.
  • Well-suited for a diverse range of material types, offering custom print finishes.
  • Ensures precise color matching in Pantone shades.
  • Explore the video below to discover the various print finish options available for mailer bags.