Plastic Free SUP No Zipper

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Plastic Free SUP No Zipper

*Only for Dry Products Packaging (Not For Oily Products). The filling weight should not exceed more than 150 grams.

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If you are not sure on what size fits your product then click here to order samples. We will send you different size and different colors of samples to check which size and color suits your product best.

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  • Our Plastic Free Paper Food Grade Stand Up Pouches without Zipper is a perfect packaging for all dry products up to 150gm while NOT causing harm to our Environment.
  • These Paper Bags are manufactured using 2 layers of Protective material (i.e., Paper and Heat sealable Coating).
  • Important: The above-mentioned weight references are given in respect to the volume of Whole coffee beans i.e., if it’s a 28g pouch, it will hold 28g of coffee beans. So, if your product is sugar granules, which are much smaller compared to coffee beans that will fill a higher quantity in the 28gm bags from us. Please refer to the size guide image above for more help on the subject.
  • Note: ONLY suitable for Dry products. No oily or wet ingredients. Weight only up to 150g.

Imp: The shelf life of the product packed into a Plastic Free Paper bags may be reduced as compared to other plastic packaging. Please test the life of your product before ordering higher quantity of bags.