Shrink Sleeves Labels

Shrink sleeve labels offer versatile applications in three distinct ways:

Tamper-proof sleeve on the cap (refer to photo).

Tamper-proof label integrated with the cap (refer to photo).

Labels designed for unevenly shaped bottles (refer to photo).

For a comprehensive understanding of shrink sleeve packaging applications, please view the video provided.

We offer two types of stand-up pouch products: stock and custom printed options.

Within our custom printed shrink sleeves, we offer two distinct printing technologies.

A. Digital Printing

  • Minimum order quantity is 5000* pieces.
  • No cylinder or printing plate costs apply.
  • Achieve full-color edge-to-edge printing with variable data capabilities, including names, addresses, unique QR codes, and sequential numbering systems.
  • Digital printing allows for ultra-short volume runs to accommodate diverse needs.

B. Rotogravure Printing

  • A minimum order quantity of 30,000* pieces is required.
  • Highly economical for both low and high volume production runs.
  • Ideal for achieving high-quality HD graphic designs with exceptional speed and repeatability.
  • Well-suited for a diverse range of material types, offering custom print finishes.
  • Ensures precise color matching in Pantone shades.
  • Explore the video below to discover the various print finish options available for shrink sleeves.

Printed labels

Enhance your packaging branding with the versatility of Printed Labels. Crafted in custom shapes and sizes, sticker labels can be produced from a range of materials including white plastic, pearl white, metallic, matte finish paper, and glossy finish paper.

To gain a deeper understanding of the possibilities offered by printed labels, we encourage you to watch the informative video provided.

We offer two types of stand-up pouch products: stock and custom printed options.

1) For Printed labels, the minimum order quantity is 100 pieces, and you can conveniently make your purchase online by clicking on the image below.

For custom printed labels we have two different printing technologies.

A. Digital Printing

  • Minimum quantity 100* pieces in sheet form / 5000* pieces in roll form.
  • There is no cylinder / No printing plate cost.
  • Full colour edge to edge printing is possible. Variable data capability (names, addresses, unique QR code, sequential numbering system).
  • ultra short volume run is possible.

B. flexographic printing

  • Minimum quantity 10,000* pieces.
  • Most economical on low to high volume runs.
  • A larger variety of material types with custom print finishes is possible.
  • Precise colour matching in pantone shades.