Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging materials prioritize environmental responsibility by minimizing their impact on the planet.

These materials are often sourced from renewable resources or recycled content, reducing the overall carbon footprint.

Furthermore, sustainable packaging materials aim to mitigate waste and pollution, promoting a healthier and more sustainable approach to packaging in the modern world.

We have 4 different options of sustainable materials to choose from….

1. Plantmade : Made using compostable materials

This material is made from plant based ingredients and will breakdown naturally when buried in soil leaving no toxic chemicals or harmful particles behind.

2. Papermade : 100% plastic free paper material

In the past, the focus of food packaging was to provide branding, protection, storage & transportation. Now the focus has shifted to promoting circular economy and utilizing sustainable rawmaterials. Papermade pouches offer a packaging solution that simultaneously protects and preserves the enviornment.

3. SwissLoop : Recyclable material

100% recyclable flexible pouches are a step in the right direction for all the environment conscious business who require affordable packaging. This material serves as a viable substitute for non-recyclable packaging offering a sustainable alternative that aligns with eco-friendly practices.

This will not only help your brand image but also contribute towards a circular economy and zero waste future.

4. Wastemade : Made using plastic waste material

Wastemade is made up of recycled materials (PCR). By using wastemade materials we are helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our ocean and landfills. By using wastemade materials we effectively divert waste from landfills & help to clean up our planet.